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The IT Innovation Centre is the applied research centre of the University of Southampton's Faculty of Physical and Applied Sciences. We research, develop architect, engineer and integrate innovative systems. An international leader in applied research, we work on a wide range of research programmes involving: secure service-oriented and event-driven architecture based systems; information discovery and decision support; archiving and retrieval; and the relationship of technology to new business models, processes and values. Our team of over 35 staff, mostly at postdoctoral level, has a wide range of research and development experience in academia, industry, commerce and the public sector. We work in a spirit of partnership, ensuring effective transfer of knowledge. Much of our software is released as Open Source, and we have a well-developed IPR management strategy for using OSS components with different licenses.

Relevant project experience:
IT Innovation has a substantial track record in the development of interoperable information systems, artificial intelligence, computer vision, pattern-behaviour recognition tools development and structured generic data fusion and modelling services for information management. It has also more than 20 years of experience in software systems integration using advanced work flow optimisation methods in leading EU framework programme, UK TSB and industrial projects. IT innovation has been leading generic fusion and modelling development programmes for the management of complex and critical environmental domain applications and decision-support projects such as i-Marq, SANY, SCOVIS, ENVIROFI and DESURBS.

Specific role in TRIDEC:
IT Innovation is leading the work package for the Knowledge-Base component (WP4) within the TRIDEC System of Systems infrastructure. IT Innovation contributes in the technology review, architecture specification and design, testing and evaluation work (WP3), services orchestration workflow specification (WP5) and assists partners in WP6 and WP7 to set up knowledge-based service clients. Also, IT innovation contributes in the implementation in TRIDEC exploitation and dissemination plan (WP8).

Co-funded by the European Commission under FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme) Action Line: ICT-2009.4.3 Intelligent Information Management Project Reference: 258723

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