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The University of Bologna is recognised as the oldest university in the western world. It offers a multi-campus structure which is divided into 23 faculties, 68 departments and 5 university campus branches within the cities of Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna and Rimini. It is the third largest University of Italy with about 78000 students, about 2400 Master and PHD students.
The Department of Physics of the University of Bologna counts several groups carrying out researches in different fields of modern physics, including nuclear and sub-nuclear physics, theoretical physics, solid state physics, astrophysics, geophysics, complex system physics, and biophysics.
The research team led by Prof. Stefano Tinti at the Department of Physics, Sector of Geophysics (UNIBO) is one of the best known tsunami research groups in Europe and is actively involved in this field since the early 1980s.

Relevant project experience:
UNIBO has wide experience in several aspects of tsunami research, with special focus on the modelling of the generation of tsunamis by earthquakes and landslides, of the propagation of tsunami waves and of their impact on the coasts, on the elaboration of tsunami scenarios, with main focus on the EuroMediterranean region, on the probabilistic assessment of tsunami hazard and the implementation of tsunami early warning systems.
UNIBO has participated (and is participating) in several projects funded by the European Commission. UNIBO coordinated projects GITEC and GITEC-TWO in the 1990s, and the TRANSFER project in 2006-2009. UNIBO was partner in 3HAZ-Corinth, SCHEMA and DEWS projects. Moreover, UNIBO was involved in several national projects funded by the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research, and by the Italian Civil Protection Department.

Specific role in TRIDEC:
UNIBO is leading the work package on the End-User Requirements and Scenario Definition (WP2) and strongly participates to the Natural Crisis Management (WP6) as well as the project Dissemination and Exploitation (WP8).

Co-funded by the European Commission under FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme) Action Line: ICT-2009.4.3 Intelligent Information Management Project Reference: 258723

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