WP 7 – Industrial Subsurface Development (Drilling)

Work package 7, led by JOANNEUM Research, is responsible for the implementation of application specific components that are needed as parts of the ‘drilling‘ scenario. It will evaluate the existing planning tools on the market to integrate required geo-data of a ‘subsurface cadastre' for drilling operations with scenario specific data acquisition and corresponding data quality control tools as well as graphical user interfaces for the pilot applications. Furthermore, WP 7 is responsible for the development of emulator components for use in the TRIDEC test bed environments, the integration of reliable and efficient algorithms (developed in WP 3) into the drilling planning and operation management platform and the overall integration and validation of the prototype following the integration method and procedures described in WP 3. The integration and test procedures will follow an incremental approach.
The evaluation and validation of the prototype integration will determine which recognized critical events work well, how far they are accessible to drilling operators, and where improvements are needed to fill gaps or to make them more accessible.
WP 7 will provide continuous feedback for technology developers in WP 3, WP 4, and WP 5 promoting and guiding the development of technology components between the initial TRIDEC release and the final output of the project and demonstrate TRIDEC innovations in detection of critical events and monitoring the drilling planning and operation processes.