WP 8 – Project Communication - Dissemination - Exploitation

Work package 8, led by the Helmholtz Centre Potsdam German Research Centre for Geoscience (GFZ), is responsible to procure the communication of the project goals on a broad scale and to transport the achievements to the scientific and technical communities, policy makers and the general public thereby creating awareness of the TRIDEC project on an international level. It provides feedback to data providers, standardisation bodies and relevant policy initiatives (INSPIRE, GMES, ORCHESTRA etc.) and ensures the availability of the entire range of approaches, methods, results and opportunities for internal and external application in the field of professional education, vocational instruction, and continuing education.
It will secure a long term outreach for the project philosophy by materialising, presenting and offering the knowledge in a way that makes it easily accessible and to utilise in the tertiary educational environment. The transfer technology based on an analytical overview over the existing and emerging national components and the drafting of a basic business model for the newly developed technology in the two prototype domains will be strongly promoted.
WP 8 will widen the use of TRIDEC technology in the whole EuroMediterranean area as well as other tsunami prone areas and regions in the European Union and will identify/explore possible pathways for commercial exploitation. It will also ensure the availability of the TRIDEC architecture and technology in the world of drilling, for scientific drilling, the oil and gas industry, geothermal power generation, heating and cooling, CO2 sequestration and storage (CCS), etc.
The determination of current trends and opportunities of the TRIDEC project in relation with the target market previously identified in the Market Analysis will be strongly promoted and further expanded to appraise new market opportunities for both application fields. As an outcome, the definition of the business strategy and a plan for a future deployment of the TRIDEC project results will be formulated.