The TRIDEC project has organized a Townhall Meeting at this years General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) on Monday, April 8 in Vienna on "Big data and software architecture meet geophysics and crisis management"

The Townhall Meeting brought together people with research interests in the overlapping fields of big data, software architecture, geophysics and crisis management, including (but not limited to) the EGU Divisions of Natural Hazards and Earth and Space Science Informatics to discuss the state of the art and upcoming challenges.
Details about the Townhall Meeting are available here:

Session NH5.6: Early warning systems for tsunamis and other natural hazards;
Conveners: Gerassimos Papadopoulos, Joachim Wächter; Co-Conveners: Zoheir Sabeur, Kym Watson
Wed, 10 Apr, 13:30–17:15 / Room G8

"... This session is aimed to present different early warning systems, independent of whether these deal with landslides, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes , droughts or meteorological events, to name a few only, but it gives special attention to tsunami warning systems since these have been responsible of the major catastrophes of the last decade. This session addresses among others main achievements of and future challenges for the architecture of warning systems. Relevant topics include but are not limited to:
- Integration of heterogeneous sensor systems
- Application of unconventional sensors for situation assessment and damage estimation, e.g. blogs, smartphone apps, and low cost mobile airborne sensors
- Process design of standard operational procedures in warning centres
- Integration of simulation systems for forecasting of processes as well as systematic testing of warning systems
- Message-based coordination of activities of warning centres in a system-of-systems environment, e.g. based on the Common Alerting Protocol (OASIS)
- Concepts of and best practices for the operation of complex multinational warning systems, e.g. utilisation of service level agreements (SLA) and IT Infrastructure Library procedures (ITIL)."

Presentations Presentations

EGU 2013 Townhall session : "Big data and software architecture meet geophysics and crisis management"

Denis Havlik: ""ENVIROfying" the Future Internet: The Environmental Observation web and its Service Applications within the future Internet,

Joachim Wächter: "TRIDEC – The ICT flagship project for information management and software architecture for crisis management"

Z. A. Sabeur et al: "Big Data and Software Architecture Meet Geophysics and Crisis Management Data Analytics for BIG Data"

Overview Orals: Early warning systems for tsunamis and other natural hazards

Alberto Armigliato et al: Database of tsunami scenario simulations for Western Iberia: a tool for the TRIDEC Project Decision Support System for tsunami early warning
Martin Hammitzsch et al:  Experiences with TRIDEC's Crisis Management Demonstrator in the Turkish NEAMWave12 exercise tsunami scenario
Peter Löwe & Joachim Wächter: Integrating TWES and Satellite-based remote sensing: Lessons learned from the Honshu 2011 Tsunami

Overview Poster:

TRIDEC Poster:
Matthias Lendholt et al:  Tsunami Early Warning in Europe: NEAMWave Exercise 2012 - the Portuguese Scenario
Steffen Richter and Martin Hammitzsch:  Development of an Android App for notification and reporting of natural disaster such as earthquakes and tsunami
Peter Löwe et al:   Towards a certification process for tsunami early warning systems
Banafshe Arbab-Zavar and Zoheir Sabeur: Advanced Geospatial Hydrodynamic Signals Analysis for Tsunami Event Detection and Warning
Andrea Zielinski et al:  A Framework for Achieving Situational Awareness during Crisis based on Twitter Analysis
Rainer Haener et al:   Management of natural crises with choreography and orchestration of federated warning-systems