Thonhauser Data Engineering GmbH – TDE

The Thonhauser Data Engineering GmbH – TDE is a solutions provider for the international petroleum industry. Its mission is to find ways to improve drilling performance and for reducing well construction costs. The ability to manage and analyse drilling data in a unique way is a key competence of the company. Rigorous methods of data quality control and the development of novel drilling analysis concepts are the major factors of success. TDE was first established in 1998 with a small specialized group of drilling engineers focusing in drilling data management and analysis. In 2000 the Thonhauser Data Engineering GmbH was founded, with the objective of providing integrated drilling data management and analysis solutions focusing on the utilization of rig measurement data to provide an objective measure of drilling performance.

Relevant project experience:
TDE has expertise in gathering sensor data from drilling rigs and in automated drilling performance measurement utilising sensor data from drilling rigs. TDE has access to historic drilling sensor data. Relevant publications can be accessed on TDEs web page.

Specific role in TRIDEC:
TDE is responsible to set up a demonstrator for the Industrial Subsurface Development work package (WP7). TDE is furthermore involved in the project‘s Dissemination and Exploitation (WP8).

Co-funded by the European Commission under FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme) Action Line: ICT-2009.4.3 Intelligent Information Management Project Reference: 258723

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