WP 5 – Service Orchestration and Decision Support Workflows

Work package 5, led by Fraunhofer–IOSB, is responsible for the analysis of the requirements and recommendations coming from stakeholders in the thematic scenarios. The aim is to identify and specify a basic set of concepts for describing the and the types of crises that may arise in the two test scenarios. WP 5 will design and cyclically refine the Thematic Models and the Decision Support Ontology as the ‘backbone‘ of the Decision Support System.
Furthermore, WP 5 will implement the Decision Support Services as specified in T5.2. The Services will orchestrate selected information services and tools developed within other WPs in a semantic-sensitive manner on the basis of the Thematic Models and the Decision Support Ontology.
WP 5 will prove and adapt the tools for different target groups involved in Information Management and Logistics before, during and after a crises. The outcome of this task will be a Management Infrastructure based on the architecture, tools and services developed within TRIDEC as well as existing tools for the specific requirements.
WP 5 will accompany the field tests in order to identify deficits and/or implicit requirements which cannot or have not been covered by the (generic) modelling, implementation and management tools and services provided for Decision Support so far. This includes aspects such as performance, resilience, dependability, scalability of the Decision Support Management Infrastructure as a whole.