Q-Sphere is an SME based in London, UK. We develop software platforms to support on-line and real time services primarily in the financial sectorand have also had some applications more recently in Government services and mcommerce.
Our technologies are primarily based on a Service Oriented Architecture in order to facilitate a loosely coupled environment for the accessibility, creation and utilisation of all the available services, content aggregation, syndication and discovery. We provide customised collaborative portal solutions based on Web 2.0 and utilising data mining and data modelling grounded within strong past and current research. We have a strong belief in R&D and have over 10 years of experience within Q-Sphere of European Collaborative Research. Q-Sphere is also a member of the European Technology Platform – NESSI and is represented on CEN/ISSS WG on Security.

Relevant project experience:
Our primary experience for this has come from the development and solutions that we have deployed for some of our clients. Q-Sphere technologies realise the need to support the complete end-to-end solution in a flexible and loosely coupled architecture to create an adaptable, customisable and business agnostic/exploitable way. We offer portal technologies based on Web 2.0 incorporating multi-media real-time content from disparate sources, instant messaging and VOIP. We have also carried out work for clients that require data analysis and data mining for operational services, planning and logistics, and risk management. Our frameworks are based around a complete service oriented architecture utilising both P2P and web-services for this objective where appropriate. To enhance the reliability of information exchange and overall performance in distributed architectures development and deployment of Heterogeneous networks is being investigated in the next generation of our core deployments through the development of prototypes and limited trials in some of our current applications. Currently Q-Sphere is the technical co-ordinator of an FP7-ICT STREP (GEMOM) focussing on secure and resilient middleware and are also ivolved in other R&D projects related to urban planning and the development of a knowledge platform – including content aggregation and syndication for improved decision making , and the use of behavioural patterns and data analysis for improved logistics and planning in the transport sector to help in their endeavours towards the reduction of overall carbon emissions.

Specific role in TRIDEC:
Q-Sphere participates in Research and Development of Service Architectures (WP3), Information and Content Management, Service Creation and Data Mining/Fusion (WP4)

Co-funded by the European Commission under FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme) Action Line: ICT-2009.4.3 Intelligent Information Management Project Reference: 258723

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