WP 4 – Knowledge Base

Work Package 4, led by the IT Innovation Centre of the University Southampton, is responsible for the establishment of the knowledge base service requirements through interactions with the domain application partner involved in WP 2, WP 6 and WP 7. It will design the internal knowledge base service architecture which is compliant with the overall design of the TRIDEC service architecture in WP 3 and the service orchestrations for crises management and decision-support in WP 5.
Furthermore, WP 4 is developing the semantic services which incorporate the distributed task context management in crises and the timely monitoring of actors‘ collaborative and evolving tasks. Data fusion and mining services which integrate data from heterogeneous sources and dynamically predict spatial and temporal trends of data with uncertainty for decision support and crises management will be developed and trained.
WP 4 will test, validate and evaluate the performance of the knowledge base service using the TRIDEC knowledge base data acquired in WP 2 and collaboration with partner in WP 6 and WP 7.