WP 1 – Management and Coordination

Work Package 1, led by the Helmholtz Centre Potsdam GFZ – German Research Centre for Geosciences, encompasses the management, co-ordination and quality assurance of the TRIDEC project. It ensures the successful completion of the project goals in due time, within the budget framework and with quality standards adequate for European projects with an outreach far beyond the geographical limits of the EU. Furthermore, it is responsible for the internal and external project communication, the preparation and  dissemination of periodical reports, deliverables and reviews, the monitoring of work plans, the arrangement of meetings and the incorporation of advice and knowledge from external sources.
WP 1 acts also as the interface with the European Commission representatives and adjusts the project activities to the needs of the markets, the involved countries and the supranational bodies (IOC, UNESCO) through the incorporation and management of a Scientific and Technical Advisory Board.